I never said I was perfect..

A few quick sketches that I'm not happy with. Sometimes you have to draw just to get the crappy drawings out of your system before you get to the good stuff.

Also a bit of self reflecting.

It was the most amazing drawing of the Ninja Turtles I had ever seen, and it was in my hands! I didn't draw it though, but no one needed to know that unimportant detail! I didn't want to disappoint all my fans. The truth would shatter their kindergarten hearts. "Whoa Raymond! That's so cool! " - "Draw me one!" I responded with a calm collected okay as my order list grew by the second.

"Sure it was easy!" A lie never tasted sweeter.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) my teacher, Ms. Carpenter, noticed my flock of follower's and praise and immediately saw through my facade. I of course assumed she approached to join in my small artistic worship circle. "Oh wow Ray! Did you draw that?" - "Yep!" ...No hesitation at all, I'm pretty sure I believed it myself at this point. "So I guess you wouldn't mind drawing another one?" she asked. I quickly realized my plan had many holes in it when she set a brand new box of crayons and a sheet of dull large lined notebook paper in front of me. My followers gathered around in awe. I froze.

"So... you didn't draw that did you?" Goodbye fame, hello infamy.

"Um.... no."
"You shouldn't lie. Now apologize to the class."

My pride wounded, a few minutes after "timeout" I began to draw. I still can't draw Ninja Turtles(without reference now I suppose),... but I'm pretty sure this is one of the many reasons why I haven't stopped trying to draw anything and everything to this day.

Here are a few drawings I did when I was.... what, maybe 10-12? MJ looks pretty axe-murderish if you ask me.

New work coming soon I promise, I'm still digesting the work of Lucian Freud and other greats from my recent trip to MoMA

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