Brush pen drawings

I've been drawing straight with my brush pen lately to loosen up and for fun.

Quick laundry day sketch

And some drawings made while I wasn't paying attention to my history of comics class tonight. My mind needed a break I suppose.



Makes sense as a title for this one-- at least as a stand in. This is a bit more James Jean-ish to me then I'm comfortable with (something about the soft painterly looking texturing... but it could just be me). This piece was the result of a couple accidents and re-scannings, but I'm pretty happy about it.


Strange and Busy couple of weeks...

A few highlights of strangeness:

Hit on by a cougar-ish lady. I earned twenty bucks for drawing a terrible portrait of her.

Almost mauled by two cat sized rats (--I'm barely exaggerating.). This is the first time I looked at two rats and thought-- these things could take me in a fight.

Partying at a Bar where Japanese girls dressed as Vampires scream old school rock style music.

All this mixed in with trying to get financial aid situated and art work created over the last 5 days. I almost missed out on being enrolled for this semester because of some loan issues. Agh. But enough about not art-things. Here are a few sketches and some work in progress.

My friend Rachel sitting in class...

Some quick location ink drawings.

Work in progress. Not sure about the color solution yet. I'm really interested in keeping it monochromatic right now, so some blue-ish tones may be incoming. Feels too familiar to things I've seen though, so I need to explore a bit more. Either way here it is for now, whatever it is.