Work in progress vid part 2, final piece

12+ hours of thinking and drawing (and re-redrawing) later...

here's the url in case theres problems with the vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IaR5bEB-TW8

And the final image:

Thanks for checking it out!



6/17/09 ...Work in progress vid

You'll want to play your own music in the background for this one. Youtube has a terrible rights-free music selection...


Work in Progress

A new piece I've been working on.


posters? book covers?

Some quick posters I inked to keep myself warmed up for the bigger projects. The one on the left is a poster for my band or at least some EP art whenever we finish recording. The one on the right is work in progress-- but it could go in a few directions now content-wise, so I left it alone.