Featured illustrator on illustrationmundo.com!!!!

I was picked as a featured Illustrator on illustrationmundo.com! INCREDULICIOUS. There's no other word for it. Now back to pondering existence and art creation!

Oh and here's the BW version of that last piece I finished, I actually prefer it to the colored one...but that may be because I spent more time with it between sketching-erasing-cursing-sketching-drawing-inking.


Diantres said...

congratulations for the feature Ray!

the jpg of the colored version don't make justice to the illustration.

i like your inking.

Adam Douglas said...

congrats. I agree with diantres, the jpg just isn't enough for the colored version. Maybe a nice giant print of it would?

I prefer the black and white myself for some reason. But no matter what its still kick ass!

Ajani said...

congrats. Your site is probably getting pounded from that, plus someone put you up on FFFFound.

I saw your work when I took a tour of the MFA studios a few weeks ago with Marshall. Great stuff.

I've applied and am hoping I get in, but it seems like my chances are slim.

From the tour I noticed you're from Miami too.

Anyway, good luck and great job.

Ray Jones said...

Diantres: Thanks! I've been having issues with uploading that to blogger for some reason.

Adam: I may include the black and white version in my book whenever it's finished. I'm aiming for about august since that's around the time of the SVA book show.

Ajani: I just checked out your site, your body of work is really strong! Honestly I don't see why you wouldn't get in. If for some reason you're on the waiting list... be persistent and keep calling and setting up appointments with Marshall. Miami represent!

Dustin dArnault said...

congratulations on getting featured on Illustration Mundo. The new Illo looks pretty awesome man! Keep up the great work.

Ajani said...

Unfortunately...I just got my rejection letter in the mail today. Not even a waiting list.
Well, I guess try try again.