Work in Progress update - lineart

I may need to rescan and stitch this thing together... awkward 8'' x 11'' scans of a 16 x 20'' drawing make me very, very sad. Here it is for now though.

The colors should come soonishly.


The Stranger

An illustration recently completed for The Stranger . Check out the article! It's a great story.


More WiP and a quick ink sketch

I'm working on a another 16x20''(ish) ink piece. It's been fun loosening up for this one, it's sort of meditative. The best part is this piece has been sitting penciled and in my corner since I moved out of the MFA studios a month or so ago, so it's nice to finally toss some inks on it. The other smaller sketch is just my time killer while I was sitting in Red Mango drinking a fruit shake. Enjoy!


some inks

Work in progress, work for fun... tigers to be added later. May go for lions though just to be "different". Too many damn tigers in illustration these days.... no offense to tiger lovers out there.



So I didn't quite make it to that page a day goal. I have a good excuse, really.

No... no really. it's a good one.

...Look over here.

It's a clown on a unicycle juggling hula hoops of fire! --Soon there will be tigers jumping through these hula hoops. This is an inside joke...so, no one is going to understand it, but this might turn out to be the cover art for my bands ep when we get around to recording a crap one. I drum and I love it. I swear if I wasn't making art, that'd be a full time profession and life for me. Wait, I said I had a good excuse right? Maybe next time.