Ghost town

I promise better blog upkeep in the coming weeks. Been crazy busy juggling band, Carrier Pigeon events and job hunting. NYC is a beast(--- and ridiculously hot over the summer! Aghh!).

Here are a few unused illustrations from the Shark Engine Enigma story featured in Issue 4 of Carrier Pigeon: Illustrated Fiction & Fine Art. I decided to color these initially but a few of the images felt severely disconnected so I opted to keep them B&W. I prefer simplicity.

Still love these as individual images though! I definitely plan to color more of my own work in the future. (Color tends to be on commission. )

This illustration is for another CP story due out sometime in Volume 2. The loose idea of this story is that people of the world start coming back from the dead as an acceptable form of zombie.. even the fish have a hard time dying. An interesting story by Victor Giannini whom I collaborated with on the above illustrations.

Dead Sea (ha)

Face melt!

Buck. He has a hat.

And finally here's an image I illustrated for Esquire Russia. I completed 5 illustrations back in March, here's 2 out of 5. It was a lot of fun working on these paintings. Art director Natasha Vasilieva passed along many ingenius steampunk inspired creative descriptions for these pieces which were composed as the following.

Finding the right balance of black and white was an interesting challenge.

The Office. (Steve! Noooo!)

Thanks for checking out the work! Hope you enjoy.