Studio Update

Another new piece shot by my bad camera phone, the one that was meant to be paired with the other fear piece i created.



New Piece

Finally got an okay shot of my latest piece. This one is about... 5ft-ish by 3.5ft-ish on Khadi (spl?) paper. Anyway, on to the next.


In the studio

I've been working on a few new things, the most ambitious being a 5ft by 3.5ft or so ink drawing. Here's a bad camera phone shot of it... I'm hoping to finish it completely before AI-AP. Thats a 0 sumi ink brush, in case anyone was wondering.


New work

I basically live in my studio now. I'm getting a lot done though, my work has made some progressions I'm pretty proud of. The following is one of the first serious "fear" pieces for my book. I'm exploring different ways of composing my blacks and developing textures these days. It's been worth the investment..

This is only half of the whole picture, the other image complements this piece but doesn't necessarily continue the image. I'm still playing with the concept but here's half my idea for now.