Accepting commissions!

Accepting commissions! $75.00 each, including shipping.

You get: 11.5 in x 17 in original inked artwork on handmade khadi watercolor paper, the ink I use is Yasutomo brand ink, the blacks will be rich and sexy, I promise.

Payments through paypal, shipment through fedex. Expect it to take 2-3 days to create depending on the complexity of the image. I'm also open to the idea of getting say-- a single word and making a response to it. Contact me at ray@jonesray.com , serious inquiries only please.

p.s. As far as reproduction of the work goes, I own the rights to the image, this is solely personal use/ collecting.


Autumn Release -- Now slightly more recession friendly!

Autumn - the collected works of Ray Jones 2007-2009, 8x10 and 42 pages. --The book contains work from my "book project" -Peaceoffering, as well as the TBFL (to bury future lovers) series now simply known as Autumn.

I decided to publish my book through Blurb.com. The paperback is $22.95 not including shipping.

Order here.

I may come out with a small supplementary sketchbook-book with all my sketchbook work all the way back to undergrad soon, but I'm planning that right now.