MoCCA and sketchbook pages! Siren!

Last weekend I made a last second appearance at MoCCA! My good friend Matt, wasn't able to make it so I took his place on Sunday. This was my very first time sharing a table at one of these events, so I was pretty excited! And the turn out was pretty great considering the last minute planning involved. I met a lot of great people and I'm definitely looking forward to next year! --Maybe by then I'll intentionally have a table and have more than prints for sale too.

Below are some sketches from the last few days. It's nice to make scribbles that turn into things! Even if they're just strange. Some of these were drawn minutes before sleep delirium kicked in, others at a Cafe.

And here's a new piece:

Sumi Ink on Khadi Handmade Paper(Rough), 27.5 x 40in.

Thanks for checking out the work!