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12/14 eh? How'd that happen?

I have a lot of catching up to do..

Here's a little bit of what has been going on:

CARRIER PIGEON: Illustrated Fiction & Fine Art, Vol.1, Issue.1 has launched successfully! We are in 17 stores all over Manhattan and Brooklyn. The magazine looks and feels great! It has really excellent printing throughout and a design that was crafted with respect to the creatives. I'm really proud to be part of the crew involved in making this a reality... So far so good.

I've also been working on illustrations for a story to be featured in a later issue of CARRIER PIGEON. The story plays with the idea of death and the afterlife, with some interesting and at times comical twists.

Still teaching at Harlem School of the Arts.

Still drumming in Dead Corpse. (show tonight @ Trash Bar in Brooklyn, we go on at 10pm, if you're in the area/ like metal, drop by!)



Sketchbook inks

Carrier Pigeon.

Dead Corpse.

Sketchbook drawing, soon to be tshirt design.



Carrier Pigeon Silent Auction, Print and Subscription Sale at the Chelsea Wine Vault!

October 1st, 2010 - Carrier Pigeon will be running a print and subscription sale at the Chelsea Wine Vault! Free Wine Tasting! Art for Sale! Silent Auction! Celebrate the launch of our website!

Chelsea Wine Vault (Located inside Chelsea Market)
75 9th Ave # 11
New York, NY 10011-7042

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4 days to go, CARRIER PIGEON

4 days and a 2k gap to fill. Help us out! We really believe in this magazine, help us make it happen.

More info here: http://kck.st/9lVXM2



Carrier Pigeon Magazine! 8 days left

Carrier Pigeon Magazine is at $5,221! We're a little more than halfway to our goal and we have 8 days left. IF WE DON'T MAKE IT, WE DON'T GET TO KEEP ANY OF THE MONEY (If we don't make it to our goal you are not charged!). So if you can stop by our page and simply donate a dollar or send some traffic our way, we can stay on the websites main page/ keep a good momentum. More info here:


Please! if you know an awesome blog or website to pass this on to, please PLEASE take a minute to do so. if you manage to get us some traffic/ posted somewhere interesting, send me an email! I'll make sure you get something out of it.

Here are some small bird drawings I made for an auction this Friday to raise money for Carrier Pigeon Magazine.



Carrier Pigeon Magazine


Hey everyone, this is one of those side projects I've had the pleasure of being a part of. We've finished the first few issues and now we're preparing to launch.

Now for the hard part. WE NEED TO RAISE MONEY. We've joined Kickstarter to start the fund raising process, but we have a long way to go. THERE ARE SOME AMAZING REWARDS FOR CONTRIBUTIONS TO OUR GOAL.

Check out the site here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/929428847/carrier-pigeon-illustrated-fiction-and-fine-art

SPREAD THE WORD. Ill be ranting about this pretty often. We have an amazing lineup of creatives and we genuinely believe in this. We're fighting to make this happen. We have until August 6th to raise the funds.

Some more info:

Statement of Intent:
Carrier Pigeon is a magazine of illustrated fiction and fine art. By giving full creative control to the artists, illustrators, designers and writers, this magazine hopes to level the conventional perception of the singularity of each artistic discipline. Carrier Pigeon provides artists with a venue for telling stories in an undisturbed environment by offering the chance to show full bodies of work and unconditional artistic freedom in both direct subject matter and the interpretation of text. This publication will be printed quarterly.

About us,

In the last year we've put together three issues in our spare time and will soon start on the fourth. Our main goal is to allow artists complete freedom with their artwork, and to have it commercially distributed so the gallery wall would not have to be the only place left for sincerity in the art world. There are taboos put up between fine art, illustration and design that we would love to destroy with Carrier Pigeon by allowing everyone involved the chance to present a narrative in an undisturbed fashion. We also believe that most people are smart enough to understand art that is not packaged for the lowest common denominator but have nowhere to go for such an outlet in the commercial print world. We hope to be that outlet.

If you have any specific questions about donating to this project, send me an email at ray(at)jonesray.com


Winter: Priestess

I lied.

This is the last one. About 40'' x 27'', Ink on Khadi (handmade cotton rag paper).

A few details:



Brainstorming for a new series... "Winter" is more or less over. Here are some sketches in the meantime.



ArtErotica NYC Group Show!

Next Wednesday I'm going to be in the "ArtErotica" group show at Madame X Bar in NYC! I'll be showing work from the Winter Series and a few from Autumn.

Drinks, performances and erotic art all in a classy throwback bordello lounge! Really, what more could you ask for??! RSVP for 5 dollar admission.

The Place: Madame X
Time: May 12th 7pm - 12am

See you there!


MoCCA and sketchbook pages! Siren!

Last weekend I made a last second appearance at MoCCA! My good friend Matt, wasn't able to make it so I took his place on Sunday. This was my very first time sharing a table at one of these events, so I was pretty excited! And the turn out was pretty great considering the last minute planning involved. I met a lot of great people and I'm definitely looking forward to next year! --Maybe by then I'll intentionally have a table and have more than prints for sale too.

Below are some sketches from the last few days. It's nice to make scribbles that turn into things! Even if they're just strange. Some of these were drawn minutes before sleep delirium kicked in, others at a Cafe.

And here's a new piece:

Sumi Ink on Khadi Handmade Paper(Rough), 27.5 x 40in.

Thanks for checking out the work!



Sketchbook pages

Some sketchbook pages.. the last two feel like landscapes. This first thing-- I'm not really sure.


Old old old comic

Eh, I guess it's kinda funny. It was definitely fun to make back in undergrad.



Been awhile..

Some new work and sketches.

Here are two images from a short story titled "Bugged". When it's published I'll post something here and the rest of the images for that project. I'm pretty happy with how this one turned out..

Some sketches for an album cover design. Some totem poles (alaskan primarily) used as reference.

The totem I started on, but never colored:

It felt kind of far removed what I normally do-- and probably not realistic enough. Maybe I'm just second guessing myself, having to be my own art director. Anyway... scrapping it for now and trying something else.



Sick. Not doing so well.. be back soon. If you're on deviantart you can view my portfolio there for the time being. http://liedto.deviantart.com.


Dead Corpse