Illustrator? Designer? Programmer? Brand Identity solution?

I've been maneuvering through what some would consider an art career identity crisis. However, viewing it through the lens of survivability, I call it increasing the odds of success. I've been cycling through the roles of Graphic Designer (briefly at Y&R/ freelance), Teacher (Harlem School of the Arts), Web Programmer & Brand/Marketing Consultant quite a bit lately to fight the call of the mundane day job. It's been nice to work in many different environments as a freelance visual designer; there's an immeasurable benefit to approaching design problems through a different set of tools every now and then. The trick is still finding enough time to draw and evading creative burnout!

These days, I generally have only a few minutes to sketch, usually on semi-crowded trains. More posts as soon as I organize this art-making schizophrenia. Being freelance-anything is a multi-disciplinary all consuming profession. Prepare thy self.

Here are a few random sketches, some fun, some strange, mostly rushed and in some cases inked.

Thanks for looking!