NY Times Op-Ed

Sketch approved:


Published! (+type treatment)

To say I'm excited would be a ridiculous understatement!



I may be making a decent post in the next week or so but for now I have a slightly reworked piece-experiment. Real life/medical issues have slowed down my progress a bit, and the spring semester here at SVA is coming to a close so I'm trying to tie up loose ends, but the work is coming soon.

There's a lot of interesting and disturbing things going on as far as creatives and the copyright laws go on the internet lately. I just thought I should post this here. Book Publisher in China publishing copyright protected work without permission.

It'd be a good idea to read the article and check out the scanned pages of the images in the book to make sure your work wasn't taken as well. ESPECIALLY if you're a part of the LCS.


quick sketch

...of Yuriko K-r-a-s-h-tori. I know. Terrible. I said that earlier too. Shame! At least I knew it sounded stupid when I said it. She makes that worn out studio couch look really comfortable.


So I killed my last piece....

So I killed my last piece.... thanks to a few friendly crits and advice (Team Tiger ftw!). There were a bunch of things not working out, I may do something with it later... but for now it's retired to the dark place on my hard drive where work remains untouched for long periods of time. The piece taking its place is the one below, though I'm not sure which version I like more.

And here's a some unfinished chucks with a dancin' frog.



A drawing I may have to redo, I ended up cropping it from its original size to make it fit a certain scale, but for it to work on a double page spread the woman's head would be cut in half. Bah. More details later when I figure this out... it definitely looks like a redraw though.

And yes, this is exactly what it looks like.

too big:

awkward doublepage crop:

there is work in progress, but for now....

Some sketches to fill the gaping hole that is my regular posting schedule. I have a new piece that I'm working on and about 2 in the planning stages, but crawling along at the moment. Life is rough, but at least I have drawing to keep me sane. Here's some work from a new sketchbook.... most of the drawings take anywhere from 5-30mins. They're generally mindless drawings or during crits and conversations so everything is completely off and out of proportion. Behold!