The Last Two

The last two drawings from a week ago that I brought to an inked final. If they didn't make it to this round, its safe to say they won't. Ever.


One down

I may rework this later, or just make a new piece from this as a starting point. Too many small anatomy issues for me to nitpick over. I'm happy with it though.



For those who like to see progress shots, this is usually about where I like to take my pencils. At this point, this leaves me enough flexibility for my mark making while giving me a chance to map out where or how I want to balance my blacks.

(Ha! She has a lazy eye. I'm at a point in my drawing stage where If I mess with the eye, I'll end up changing everything, and I like the face overall, so I'm going to leave it alone. When I get around to inking it, I'll take a few minutes to get the face where I want it.)

Still trying to figure out what to do with this. Even if it doesn't work, gotta toss some ink on it just to say I tried to salvage what is, without a doubt, simply an attempt at illustrating some crotch shots. Enjoy!