Work in Progress(NSFW?) - Pencils

I laid out a couple of rough pencils (okay, so I cleaned a few up), while watching the "Assassination of Jesse James". Not a bad movie, nice muted tones and blacks and pretty good storytelling. Definitely a mellow kind of slow build up film though, but not bad. Anyway, on to the drawings. I suppose I had a crotch fixation on this one, but I guess thats where some of these are headed. No reference, so there's probably some issues here or there but I think I'll fix those problems during the ink stage. Did I mention I love owning a light table? I love it.


2009 incoming

This post is more for me then anything else, but with 2009 coming up I feel like I need to make some changes. I've got a list of things I want to get done.

One of which is that book I've been talking about forever. The truth is I made two versions of a book already... It was available for viewing at SVA's MFA Illustration Book Show that took place about a month ago. I was satisfied with the book that came out, but it doesn't contain any of my current Thesis work from this semester--which I feel is much more polished then the older work. So I opted to not make it public and kept that as a class assignment. The book I would love to make will have no less then 100 pages, and include sketchbook work as well as work that may go as far back as Undergrad. I want people to get a full view of where I'm coming from as an artist and understand what I'm trying to convey. Long story short, I'm going to bust my ass over the coming months and just finish this thing. It needs to be done content wise way before the end of the semester for me to properly promote it and get my career to pick up.

Second, I'm available for freelance jobs. Repeat. I AM AVAILABLE FOR WORK. If you have the slightest inclination, go ahead and drop me an email or a call if you prefer and we can set something up. Starting Jan 8th I'll be back home from the holidays and can take on just about any job. At the moment I can take on a few, but mostly black and white work until I get back to my studio space.

Third, I'm planning to show works in galleries this year. I've been working on some bigger pieces in black and white and I may be transitioning to large scale black and white paintings soon, but I have to see where this creative drive takes me. WHEN I have an opening, I'll be sure to post it here.

Fourth, last thing, which will probably begin to come together near the end of this year. I want to teach. But the catch is, I'd like to teach abroad.. I'm interested in teaching illustration at an Art College in say, Japan or Korea, but I'm going to wait until I get things going in my freelance career first. I'm going to be looking for something that can provide me with a place to stay and income while giving me flexibility to create and showcase work, while helping students that are serious about Illustration improve. I'd love to give back... and hell, I'd love to visit one of those two countries. I've been dying to go for awhile now.

Sooo, thats it for now. On a side note: I'm pretty excited about the new light table I received from my good friend Bryant (I've known him since highschool and we were in a band together for awhile, he's a super talented designer and Bass player). I completed an illustration for his band Claw Like Things and their EP is out now. Check it! And their site is here. I'm away from my files otherwise I'd upload an image myself, but you can see snippets of it at the links posted-- and also if you DL their CD you can see the art in the booklet. Hope you all have a Happy New Year!


I needed to disappear

...for a bit. Here's a few things I've drawn in the last two weeks. There's a lot more work drawings and things to put up but it'll have to wait til' I'm back in JOISEY. The end of last semester was rough.

The last two were drawn on the plane. I think I was nervous which would might explain the extra mark making. I kind of hate flying... I like how these came out though. The "creepy-floating-vine-baby" may become a new character in one of my pieces, but I need to figure that out. Enjoy the sketch! (complete with sample self-loathing!)