Work in Progress update - lineart

I may need to rescan and stitch this thing together... awkward 8'' x 11'' scans of a 16 x 20'' drawing make me very, very sad. Here it is for now though.

The colors should come soonishly.


Sam Bosma said...

Really killer composition, man.

Do you have CS3? It stitches things together automatically for you...it's a real time-saver and works tremendously well.

Hanner said...

this is awesome!

Kim Herbst said...

Geez this is amazing. I'd love to see it at the full 16x20 size!!

Ray Jones said...

Sam: Thanks! I'll have to invest in that CS3 sometime soon... either that or one of those large overpriced scanners.

Hannah: Hey thanks!

Kim: We're in the same city that should be possible haha, I'll let you know when the SVA MFA-Ill. Book Show opens though. I'll have some of this work up there.

james flames said...

your stuff is incredible. this one looks fantastic - can't wait to see the color.

pablo pablo said...

Good works!