some inks

Work in progress, work for fun... tigers to be added later. May go for lions though just to be "different". Too many damn tigers in illustration these days.... no offense to tiger lovers out there.


Diantres said...

yeah, tigers are awesome, but are now a cliché :(

kier said...

Stripes are _so_ 90s. Spots are the new hotness.

Kim Herbst said...

I guess tigers are the new bird for now. Used to be squids!

Dustin dArnault said...

Dude this piece is dynamite! How is everything man?

Ray Jones said...

Diantres: Yeahh they're up there with squids and gorillas and other giant overdrawn beasts.

Kier: Definitely haha

Kim: Hey Kim! I think it's in a cycle. Birds will be in again in like a year or two ha

D: Hey man thanks! I'm doing alright. Working on self promotion and just finished up a couple of real jobs. Also trying to keep myself making personal work so I can roll into the next year of MFA easily. How've you been?