Almost a month since my last post! No good. Here are some sketchbook-ish works I've made in the last two days. Basically I'm just tossing ink on a page and then making something out of it, just to keep a habit of working. It's also nice to take a break from digital coloring.

There's too much free time over the summer, and free time is bad(sometimes good). I'm hoping for about a piece a day this month, if I can upload a new piece at the end of the day I will, but expect to see them pop up in groups of 2-3. By the end of July I'll have enough material to finish... something, or at least a pile of crap I can look at and admire for it's sheer quantity.

Day 1 (which may evolve into the cover of my book, whenever it creates itself.)

Day 2 (Nothing special to say about this. Just fun to draw.)

Thanks for checking out the work!

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