Originals for Sale - Reduced Prices

Reduced the price on Peaceoffering and The Meat Market.

The following god awful photos are to prove that these pieces exist. All sales will be through paypal only. Send me an email (ray@jonesray.com) with the title of the piece in the subject line and include a mailing address and your name in the email. I'll get back to you with a payment request from Paypal. When I recieve your payment I'll send you an email confirming it, and I'll mail the piece out to you within 2 days if not the same day. If the piece is already in the process of being sold I'll let you know when you've emailed me asking about it or it'll be posted up here as SOLD.

If for some reason the payment request isn't paid within 48 hours I'll assume you're not interested/ changed your mind, and I'll cancel the request and it will become available for purchase again. Serious inquiries only pleeease. I need to eat. Thanks!

The Meat Market (16'' x 20'') + Inkjet Print of Illustration (13'' x 19''): $150.00 (includes S&H)

Peaceoffering (20'' x 16'') + Inkjet Print of Illustration (19'' x 13''): $150.00 (includes S&H)

The following are in the 8.5'' x 11'' price range and more then likely do not include a print, unless for some reason I find one, then you'll get the print free of charge.

Trees become the Wolves (12'' x 11.5''): $60.00

"Tree Skull/ Drown in the Woods/ Quiet Breeze": $60.00


S said...

such nice series of work!

Ray Jones said...

Thanks S!