So I killed my last piece....

So I killed my last piece.... thanks to a few friendly crits and advice (Team Tiger ftw!). There were a bunch of things not working out, I may do something with it later... but for now it's retired to the dark place on my hard drive where work remains untouched for long periods of time. The piece taking its place is the one below, though I'm not sure which version I like more.

And here's a some unfinished chucks with a dancin' frog.


Jordan Jeffries said...

What kind of person churns out that intense fucking thing AND that happy frog?
Whoever he is, I'm glad he's my friend.

I think I like the red version better, although it depends what you want the piece to be doing. The red matches the intensity of the man's gesture and weight and such, but then the blue does more to push it back and sort of take out the passion and instead show it from a more removed, cold place... which also has emotional value.

Shawn said...

lol @ the contrast of the serious piece and the frog, wth.

I would lean to the red, slightly. It has a more internal intenseness to it's feeling, while the blue is more physical and external feeling like hotel room with most of the lights off... I think my approach would be to stick with the red but add yellow lamp shading on the bodies for pop but more importantly to bring a physical sense back in. That may be biased given my photographic background and my attn to lighting of course... Anyhow the line art is looking good

- Wroth

Ray Jones said...

Thanks guys! I ended up going with the red version while the blue version I'll be keeping primarily for my book project. I'll keep the lighting in mind for the next project, I've been playing with very minimal coloring for awhile but I think I may start to let a broader palette start up to play with other scene elements. About the frog.......... yeah. He's happy.

"HE'S HAPPY BECAUSE I'M UNABLE TO BE." Now he's the uncomfortably serious frog of humor, lol. :)