A quick piece for Vooy's magazine. These two images are connected to the same novel. The top piece has to do with the death of the main character and the thoughts imposed upon him from the writer(who becomes an actual character in his own story near the end).... and the second piece has to do with the ambiguity of whether or not the main character had his lower leg taken from him by God (who is the cricket in this image... you'd have to read the story). My favorite part of these assignment's from Vooy's magazine has to be the freedom of expression and the exposure of my work to an audience that otherwise wouldn't see it. The magazine is based in Sweden and it's nice to think of my work "transcending" language.... hopefully that doesn't sound too cheesy, lol.

This piece was a lot larger originally but I cropped it down to a more to the point composition... it's rare for things to work out that way. I imagined the character dying of old age sort of and his brain..well, wilting? I love to draw tree-like elements so I had a lot of fun with this. If I had a bit more time I would've added more details but my class schedule ran into my deadline. (Started near midnight with the original drawing, completed at 6am... they're 6 hours ahead so I had to tie it up that night.)

The part of the story where the main character loses his leg, I played with a lot of textures in this piece, I wanted it to feel natural. This was completed awhile back but thought I'd post it now to connect the two assignments.


sue kelly said...

Ray is huge in Sweden!

Jordan Jeffries said...

Ray is back at the blog and it is so good. These pieces are real nice, I'm struck by how rich with texture and depth they are with just black and white. Usually people with "comic book" inspirations lose that, but not you, sir.

Ray Jones said...

Sue: Maaaybe Sue. Maybe LOL, thanks for checking the work out!

Jordan: Thank you Mr. Jeffries, may your inks be rich in blackness and halftones ever spotted. <3