Busy busy busy...

A quick piece about Fall for my comp ill. class.

Another for my Cthulhu project... I'm still altering the colors on this one, not sure what I'm settling on just yet.

A piece based on an OPed article in the NYTimes about the trials in Jena. No sketches this week for the sketch section. :P


Dustin dArnault said...

Bro this stuff is looking really bad ass they must be teaching you some great stuff over there in SVA. this concept for the piece with the two deer its amazing!!!!!! keep up the B.A. work.


sue kelly said...

Wow, Ray, this deer piece is friggin' gorgeous. NYT doesn't know what they're missing, honestly.

Ray Jones said...

D: Thanks man! Hopefully the art director likes it, I'll be showing it to him for a crit in a few weeks.

Sue: I hope they feel that way, I'd like to be hired evenutally...I was told during my crit it was Sam Weber-esque in the treatment of the branches.., which sort of bothers me? But, meh it's something I'll work through and develop more.