Illustrator? Designer? Programmer? Brand Identity solution?

I've been maneuvering through what some would consider an art career identity crisis. However, viewing it through the lens of survivability, I call it increasing the odds of success. I've been cycling through the roles of Graphic Designer (briefly at Y&R/ freelance), Teacher (Harlem School of the Arts), Web Programmer & Brand/Marketing Consultant quite a bit lately to fight the call of the mundane day job. It's been nice to work in many different environments as a freelance visual designer; there's an immeasurable benefit to approaching design problems through a different set of tools every now and then. The trick is still finding enough time to draw and evading creative burnout!

These days, I generally have only a few minutes to sketch, usually on semi-crowded trains. More posts as soon as I organize this art-making schizophrenia. Being freelance-anything is a multi-disciplinary all consuming profession. Prepare thy self.

Here are a few random sketches, some fun, some strange, mostly rushed and in some cases inked.

Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said...

Ray, I hope you stay squarely in the illustration space. Your drawings are fantastic. Up among James Jean, Jillian Tamaki and Paul Pope. Good luck with finding more time to draw and thanks for posting so much.

Ray Jones said...

Thanks a ton for the kind words, I really appreciate the support.