Carrier Pigeon Magazine! 8 days left

Carrier Pigeon Magazine is at $5,221! We're a little more than halfway to our goal and we have 8 days left. IF WE DON'T MAKE IT, WE DON'T GET TO KEEP ANY OF THE MONEY (If we don't make it to our goal you are not charged!). So if you can stop by our page and simply donate a dollar or send some traffic our way, we can stay on the websites main page/ keep a good momentum. More info here:


Please! if you know an awesome blog or website to pass this on to, please PLEASE take a minute to do so. if you manage to get us some traffic/ posted somewhere interesting, send me an email! I'll make sure you get something out of it.

Here are some small bird drawings I made for an auction this Friday to raise money for Carrier Pigeon Magazine.



Manuel Dupong said...

Amazing! I've rarely seen someone who masters inks so well.

Ray Jones said...

Thanks Manuel! I'll be posting the rest soon. Just about all of them were sold at the auction the other day :)

Nate Bear said...

Great drawing skills. So loose, but accurate.

Finally got to checking your site out . Great work. Was good meeting you at Nuts and Bolts last month!!

Ray Jones said...

Hey Nate, thank you! And thanks for checking out the work! It was nice meeting you too.