In the studio

I've been working on a few new things, the most ambitious being a 5ft by 3.5ft or so ink drawing. Here's a bad camera phone shot of it... I'm hoping to finish it completely before AI-AP. Thats a 0 sumi ink brush, in case anyone was wondering.


Ben - cgunit.net said...


mr. pants said...

mmmmmmmmm mhmm

Jordan Jeffries said...

The men in the white jackets are coming to take you away, sir, but not until you're finished.

Vanessa said...

That's sick dude!
I'm sorry i didn't get around to visiting you at the studio today but i was in the darkroom til 6 pm and theni came home cuz i was tired. I was in school since 9 am.

Anyhow, id like to see you soon.


keep up the great work

Daniel Fishel said...


sue kelly said...

Ray!!!! Holy shit!!!