I needed to disappear

...for a bit. Here's a few things I've drawn in the last two weeks. There's a lot more work drawings and things to put up but it'll have to wait til' I'm back in JOISEY. The end of last semester was rough.

The last two were drawn on the plane. I think I was nervous which would might explain the extra mark making. I kind of hate flying... I like how these came out though. The "creepy-floating-vine-baby" may become a new character in one of my pieces, but I need to figure that out. Enjoy the sketch! (complete with sample self-loathing!)


Dustin dArnault said...

Thanks man it is good to hear from Are you in Miami by any chance? It would be cool to get together, do some drawing and catch up. Hit me back if your down. I like the lust piece by the way.

Vanessa said...

like i told you before, i love them all.

never seize to impress


Shawn said...

I love the first one, the other two are not as well put together but that's fine for a sketch. :)

BTW, I think that eye ball would convey a lot more fear if it was looking to the left out of the corner instead of right ahead'


Ray Jones said...

Thanks for checking out the work guys, and I see what you mean Shawn, that'd definitely change the mood a bit but it'd be successful in conveying "creeping" fear rather then "shock" fear. Thanks for the input!