It's been a long... LONG time since I've kept up with anything blog related. The last post was from...september of last year, sooo yeah. Anyway, I'll try to keep this not too personal. May was one of the most over the top, and exhausting months of my life hands down. Relationship stress, Graduation stress(what now!?), Moving stress (NY, NJ... accidentally walking into a whore house on the way and asking how much it costs to rent a room), Packing stress... learning how to drive a 24ft long truck on the fly, after driving only mid-compact size cars my whole life--stress!! I managed to find some time to sketch though.

Dragons doing dragon like things.

Most of these were drawn sitting around in a starbucks in jersey.

Some sketches done in class sometime in April, of Sue K and Maurice during a crit.

And lastly a reeally creepy drawing of Steve Heller, back when he came by MICA as a guest speaker.....He's a nice guy, kinda famous(ha kinda), and writes good books. Maybe one day I'll be as successful.

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