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The Shark Engine Enigma

A few more illustrations from The Shark Engine Enigma, due out in issue 4 of CARRIER PIGEON Magazine. The protagonist is a Surfer, which means I had the chance to ink some waves-- which is always a good time. Water is one of the most challenging elements to capture and it's always fun to create abstract representations of it. That said....

More to come when we announce the release date.


Harlem School of the Arts

A quick post of student work from my Manga Mania (sequential art) class. I realize the zoo isn't very sequential, but I like it. DEAL. I mean... Enjoy!

A sweet Zoo scene by Jarrard, 6

"Meanwhile..." Theo, 9

Sasuke v. Naruto! Fabian, 8

An autobiographical hockey story in progress by Ariel, 15

Dead Corpse 12/15/2010 @ Trash Bar part 2

DEAD CORPSE at the Trash Bar last month (year!). We have another show on the 27th. Hopefully we won't be as hammered.